These are shows that are more like stepping into a real life adventure than sitting down to watch some stuff happening on a distant stage. Walk through fantasy landscapes, meet aliens, get chased by the bad guys, commit a crime. The list goes on.

Rogue's team have been at the forefront of the immersive theatre movement in London since its inception. Take a look some of our work below.


Alien Encounter

The Eden Project asked us to help pose a question to the many thousands of visitors they would receive over the summer holidays: ’What would you do if you met an alien?’

An alien spaceship has crashed into the Eden Project arena. Visitors are tasked helping to make contact by collecting the strange symbols that have been discovered throughout the debris… This earns them the right to enter the forensics lab tent and the discovery that the symbols are actually musical notes, which they then learn to sing together.

Individual balls of light start pulsating around the room, like stars. As each star glows it emits a sound, like a note of music. The lights begin to form the shapes of the symbols, with their accompanying music building into a symphony…

With the climax of the music an alien gradually appears, its own lights emerging from the ship’s environment. It speaks to them about its journey and answers their questions before leaving the humans with its own: 

” What they will do when they reach the stars themselves…”

Developed in partnership with our collaborators at the Tom Sawyer Effect.




Neil Connolly, your Spymaster, has lost an agent in the field. There’s a mystery to solve, villains to thwart and secrets to be stolen.

But he can’t do it alone. He needs his spy network. That’s where you come in.

For those who leap from their seat at the chance to be a spy, this mission is for you. For those who want to watch their espionage escapades from a safe distance, we got you covered.


the 'neath

We’ve all made deals with the Devil. Tonight’s your chance to wipe the slate clean or pay off what’s owed…

A bar run by the Devil, and filled with the creatures of myth and legend. For the brave ones, you’ll find encounters in every nook and cranny – we dare you to explore the shadows and return to the world with  your conscience intact.

Part interactive experience, part pop-up bar, part durational performance, The ‘Neath is an immersive fantasy created by Rogue Productions and SPECIFIQ for VAULT Festival 2017.

Photography by Matthew Kaltenborn.



For one night, live a life of crime.

eist was a sold-out immersive theatrical experience in London in 2014, created by Rogue & differencEngine and supported by Theatre Delicatessen.

Crews of eight strangers or friends planned and executed an audacious robbery across six floors of a Central London building. To succeed they had to outwit guards, evade CCTV and crack alarms. 

Every robbery was unique to that group, every choice they made impacted events and the success or failure of their heist.

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